Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pre-practicum Musings: Part 1

New year, new semester, 2 new courses towards my LMS degree.

It's hard to believe I'll be about 2/3 done with the program after this semester!

The two classes I am taking this semester are Sheltering Content for English Language Learners (an EDU course) and Information Literacy and School Curriculum (an LBS course). For the Info Literacy one, I am also required to do a 25 hour pre-practicum in conjunction with the course, and so I humbly present to you a new feature on my blog as I record my experience (and let's be honest, track my hours) in my pre-practicum.

I'll be doing my pre-practicum at my local middle school, which is also where I have been volunteering for the last 18 months or so. It was a slow day today - first day back to school after 2 snow days (have you heard about this 'lil storm called #juno?), but a good one to get my feet wet again.

Although most of my classes so far have focused on the more thoughtful (and in my opinion, interesting) parts of the profession, there are simply nuts and bolts that have to be taken care of in the administration of a library and today it was overdue notices. That took the bulk of  my time - running the reports, printing the notices to go home, and alphabetizing by Team and Homeroom. Who said being a librarian wasn't glamorous?

I did have some time to informally chat with the LMS about some of things coming up in my class, including how Information Literacy is taught in the school and where there are gaps. Lots of good info to add into my class discussion board.

Today's hours: 3

Total hours: 3

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