Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Using Photography to Tell a Story

One of my courses this semester is Electronic Media and Design - it's an EDU (vs. LBS) course, and it basically covers ways to effectively communicate through images. It is one course where my Marketing background has come in handy - I've done my fair share of presentation creation, that's for sure!

This week's assignment centered on photography, and telling a story using pictures. One of our choices was to do a "how-to" feature, such as in a recipe. As an avid recipe blog reader (shout out to 2 of my faves, Skinnytaste and Emily Bites), I hadn't ever tried my hand at actually photographing food. It's harder than it looks!

So without further adieu, here's my inaugural attempt.


With the first truly chilly weekend, what better way to kick off fall than with a warm, hearty soup? Found just the candidate I was looking for in my new favorite cookbook and settled in for some (hopefully) delicious French onion soup.

Kicking things off with (lots) of onions, butter and olive oil

Caramelizing those suckers...saute, saute, and then saute some more.

Adding a lot of liquid to the mix

While the soup simmers, some Asiago-Parmesan crisps for topping

Cheesy, oniony goodness is served ... Bon appetit!
Cheesy, oniony goodness is served! Bon appetit!

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  1. This is Peter Smith (Anne's instructor for the course EDU703). I made the huge mistake of reviewing Anne's onion soup photo project right before dinner! I practically tried to dip a spoon into my monitor, so appealing were the pictures. Yes, Anne, your experience in marketing is serving you well--and now I have to go to the market and buy onions, broth, and Asiago, which I hope will turn out looking exactly like your final photo. Once again, you have done beautiful work. ["Wood man" is a user-name I had for Blogger, back before Google owned it...I work with wood: cutting, splitting, stacking, burning, carving, sculpting, and building toys for my grandkids.] Thank you for letting me post to your interesting blog.