Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 6: Online Digital Media (part 1)

This week's assignment centered on online digital media - a combination incorporating audio and video in the classroom and also creating your own digital media. 

I really struggled with this assignment! We were to choose a standard from the MA frameworks and find 5 videos and 3 podcasts that could support this in the classroom. Maybe I just chose a bad topic (women's suffrage and the passing of the 19th Amendment), but it was very hard for me to find sources that I would actually recommend.

I was able to find good, relevant, interesting videos much more easily than any audio sources. After conducting search after search, I have concluded that part of my struggle is that I just don't really like podcasts. I am way too easily distracted and way too much of a visual learner to really dig in and enjoy getting material this way (makes sense that I also am not an NPR listener!). 

My two favorite videos (very different!):
  • Woman’s Suffrage Crash Course #31 - A really nice series of 10 minute or so courses on topics in history, the sciences and literature. I will definitely keep the "Crash Course" series in mind the next time I need a refresher on something I should have learned in school
  • Bad Romance: Woman's Suffrage - A cool parody of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video. I like the way it successfully juxtaposes modern pop culture with an issue that was so pivotal at the time and which matters to all women today (Fun bonus video: Behind the Scenes)

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