Friday, January 31, 2014

Drinking and Tweeting

Just kidding, but had to give a nod to one of my guilty pleasures (RHOBH, anyone?)

In addition to exploring blogs in the classroom, I started to dabble a bit with Twitter this week. I worked in Marketing in my past life, so I'm familiar with it, and would send out tweets on behalf of one of my clients but I've never felt the need to use it for my personal use (a. no one needs more than daily updates on my comings and goings, and Facebook fills that need, and b. I don't need any additional time wasters that would inevitably come from following any celebrities!).

But, in the name of scholarship, I decided to follow a few notable Teacher Librarians, to get a feel for how it could benefit someone professionally. The most useful hashtag I've found so far is #tlchat as it provides perspective from a much wider pool than me trying to figure out who are the most useful people to follow and managing my stream that way.

In doing so, I found this.

And this.

And this.

Suffice it to say, I'm convinced. In just 5 minutes, I found 3 thought-provoking, useful pieces of information that I otherwise would not have found in my daily web use.

Now, I'm still not sending my own tweets but soon. And I'll tell you all about it. 

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  1. Thanks a lot, Anne - I am supposed to be grading, but you totally hooked my with your mystery links! These are terrific and the rest of the blog is first rate as well.