Saturday, October 21, 2017

New Display: National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

I love the challenge of coming up with new and different book displays for the library. I remembered that October was National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and thought this would be a great way to showcase books about this important and relevant cause.

I did a mix of chapter books and picture books and added in some books about acceptance in addition to stories specifically about bullies. I incorporated books from this section into my K and 1 classes (Llama Llama and the Bully Goat and One), and mentioned them to the other grades in advance of their checkout time.

It's probably not likely that students would have come in specifically asking about a book about bullying but by having them presented to them in an easy-to-browse way, they flew off the shelf. It was a very powerful reminder for me about the importance of providing students with meaningful, relevant, timely displays of library resources.

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