Monday, September 11, 2017

Drumroll, please...

It's been a while since my I updated my blog, but the big news is that I am now a certified school librarian! After finishing my practicum last fall, and then my LAST class in the spring, I began my search for jobs, and ended up landing an awesome role at the Loker School in Wayland.

As part of my new role, I wanted to create a blog to share what's happening in my library and wrestled with whether or not to resurrect this one, or start anew.

Ultimately, I think the blog title still holds. Being a school librarian (or any type of teacher, for that matter), is a constant work in progress. There is always some element of "becoming" as you hone your craft and find new ways to reach your students. Especially through my experience of being an older student, I hope that I'll always aspire to keep on learning and becoming the best LMS I can be.

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