Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pre-Practicum Musings: Penultimate Post

The home stretch is near...only one more pre-practicum session until I have completed my hours.

Today's work centered mostly on a district-wide art show that is held at the Middle School. All students, from pre-K up to HS have the opportunity to have their work displayed. And...the middle school library has a large table to solicit book donations from those who attend the art show. It is a lovely event and very well attended by all sorts of members of the community.

My job today was to help the LMS get the books set up for display. The goal, obviously, is to solicit donations for the library. Supporters can do this in one of two ways: 1) Donation cash that the LMS can put towards future book orders or 2) Select a specific book(s) to donate in honor or memoriam of someone. Approximately 50 or so books had been ordered so I went through and decided how they should be priced for donation. This is always a fun task, because I like seeing what books have made the cut from the Destiny wish list to actually being purchased for the library. After much debate, we settled on a price point of $15 for fiction books, $20 for non-fiction, curriculum-based books and $40 for a few titles that were solid, coffee table-caliber books.

It's days like these where it really hits home how tough it is to be a sole practitioner - preparing for an event like this is out of the scope of "normal" activities in the library yet it's important, and must be done, even while all those "normal" activities can't be neglected. On the one hand, you get a lot more autonomy by being the one-woman show but I can't help but think about how much more the library program can achieve if there are multiple people to share the load. It's definitely been food for thought as I think about what type of library I'd like to work in, and I hope I can experience a larger staff during my next pre-practicum assignment.

Today's hours: 2

Total hours: 23

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