Monday, March 30, 2015

Pre-Practicum Musings: Part 6

PARCC testing was going on at the middle school this week, so it was a light load of classes in the library during my shift this week, which meant I got to flex a little creative muscle.


Throughout the year, the LMS creates displays that showcase some aspect of the library (but hopefully in an engaging, teen-friendly way). And, as you may or may not know, April is National Poetry Month, which is a way to celebrate the art of poetry with students, teachers, librarians, poets, and anyone who loves and appreciates poetry.

Enter the display for April...

The foundation for the display was a long sheet of butcher block on which students had written some of their favorite poetry verses. Accompanying the top were color printouts of the covers of several books poems in which some of these verses can be found. This "Poetry is..." mural is featured on a long wall to the left of the library doors.

Upon entering the library, was an easel with this year's winning poster along with a blank page for students to (hopefully) jot down a couple of lines of poetry as they think of them. Behind the easel is an easily accessible display of the poetry books that were featured in the outside mural.

Will students be inspired to check out a book of poetry? That remains to be seen, but if nothing else, they will surely be more aware of the wide variety of poetry out there, which is among the goals of National Poetry Month in the first place.

Weekly hours: 3 (all that scanning and printing took much longer than it looks!)

Total hours: 15

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